Intuvo Production deployment 5.18

Viewing Filter Results with Filter Criteria

In the flow of setting up campaign events,  you now notice in the section that displays the filter criteria that you now will also be able to scroll down and see the results of a filter. This should make it easier to make decisions while building a campaign rather than setting ‘place holders’ and having to re-navigate around the app.  Its a nice change, and we'd love to hear any feedback on how it works for you.

Event Warnings

When setting up campaign events, there is now additional ‘checks’ that notify your if you select a mismatched Trigger Date and Filter. This way users shouldn’t be able to select a mismatch of trigger and filter which would cause the event to not work.

Bug Fixes

Nobody likes them, but our team will always work to ensure we're releasing bug fixes that improve performance, experience, and reliability. 

  • Fix in place that was affecting new dynamic filters used in conjunction with a campaign event. 
  • Missing Notification Email for lead forms has been repaired.