Intuvo Release Notes 5.17.0-0

Welcome! You should be starting to see a pattern as we work toward a consistency of release timelines. Larger Releases will still be called out uniquely or with advance notice if there is anything you, our beloved customers, need to know or adjust for before we launch.

In the meantime, here is an update on what was released.

Save and Save As Workflow Changes

Throughout you will now experience a new flow change. This will expedite work for a powerful advanced user as it should limit the amount of reloading between options you currently experience. 

Admin users should notice within an editor space that selecting the "Save" button will persist your screen rather than redirecting you back into the Content Library or back into your campaign. This way if you want to send sample, or edit again you can do so right away without additional clicks.

This change is a precursor to additional changes coming in the next set of releases all targeted at making your flow around Intuvo easier with more data at your fingertips.

Bug Fixes

Nobody likes them, but our team will always work to ensure we're releasing bug fixes that improve performance, experience, and reliability. 

  • Standard Mortgage imports we missing in the incoming mailing address within the import icon area, this has now been resolved. 
  • Send Sample bug with merging sample email with new product types such as Vehicle Loans. The minor issue has now been resolved.
  • Advanced Unsubscribe screens have now been made MORE dynamic so that customers can apply additional customization.
  • New Block-Style editor emails will now display nicely within the pdf campaign preview.