Intuvo Version 5.16.0-0

As summer draws to a close the Intuvo team brings you a release that launches many new updates we've been working on throughout the summer months. As always if you have any questions or comments please reach out to¬†[email protected].

Filter Unit 3.0

  • New and very exciting is the expansion of the Grid (aka the "Filter Unit") which allows you to create advanced report queries that look across multiple objects or products.
  • Users can now create filters from 'scratch' utilizing a base filter and then building upon it, creating an advanced report on demand.
  • Joining tables gives users the power to execute more dynamic marketing touches without ever having to ask your IT team for advanced level reports!

  • Example 1: As a mortgage user you'll be able to look for borrowers with multiple loans within your database, especially multiple loan types. For instance, all borrowers with a 1st mortgage and a HELOC.

    Example 2: If you've expanded your account to be 'enterprise-wide' you'll be able to create a query that returns members with one type of product and then with or without additional products. For instance, all new members with a savings account, but no checking account.

    No changes are needed on your part. This enhancement will automatically work with your existing filters, but also provide the power to create new filters, as well as add advanced criteria to filters on demand. Our team has added additional documentation to and you can always reach out to our team for additional one-on-one training.

New Account Tools for your Implementations Team

  • So many of our customers are transforming their current account from a single type of data into a database that can intake data from many different sources (Mortgage LOS, ¬†Consumer LOS, and Core strategies)

  • The features released in this version are focused on our internal team having the tools at their finger tips to add on the new Intuvo modules to support your account.

  • Our team will be able to provide field expansion, as well as new emails, mailers, and tasks to assist you in developing targeted marketing to members as you incorporate more and more data into your Intuvo account.

Bug Fixes

Nobody likes them, but our team will always work to ensure we're releasing bug fixes that improve performance, experience and reliability.

  • Task due dates were not updating after the date was initially set, this is now resolved.
  • Navigator links will no longer double-up with linking or unlinking a spouse.
  • Texts in Daily Marketing Preview now provide the mobile phone number recipient.
  • Lead Forms provide additional formID for advanced integrations.
  • Editing columns for grid report enterprise-wide has been returned.
  • 'Send From' email override has been adjusted to work with additional settings.
  • Updates to Mobile Apps.

Staging Environments and Testing Enhancements

  • You may have noticed our releases got a bit quiet over the summer. While our developers were quietly developing, our team also invested in improving our data environments to support more robust and automated testing. All this, with the goal that we'll be able to deliver updates and improvements on a more consistent schedule and more thoroughly tested. We appreciate your patience as our team made these changes.