Intuvo Version 5.14.0-0

Welcome to the wild side

Intuvo released Intuvo version 5.14. Below are some items you may want to know about.  As always if you have any questions or comments please reach out to [email protected]

New Field Editor! (seen above) A brand new way for administrators to create, edit and manage fields in their database. Users can create fields used for triggering marketing, as well as setup many new types of fields used for advanced marketing.

Update to Headshot and Logo Upload -  We've updated the upload tool to be even easier for admins to use.  You no longer have to provide an exact size, if you upload an image user can now also scale images to get just the right fit to keep your marketing materials lookin' great!

Custom email Tracking Domains  Intuvo customers can install their own custom tracking domains if they wish to adjust how tracking is used within their emails. Contact [email protected] if you need additional information.

Bug Fixes -  

  • Unification of the feature name OneTouch throughout the app.
  • Correct priority of 'Send From' override to work when used in conjunction with Market From Override.
  • Correction to 'Import Owners' to display additional import mapping options.