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Intuvo Production Release | Service Pack 6.3

Overview:  As we bring the year to a wrap, we have a few features that were completed earlier this year and are now ready for release. 

Purpose & Benefit:

  • Updated tools will support client account administration, support team troubleshooting and allow categorization for easier organization. Previously, many of these actions required development work and were not able to be updated by our support team or the customer's Administrator.


  • NEW: A campaign category organization tool has been added that allows an admin user to create and edit categories that are used to manage campaigns. Click here for details: Campaign Categories
  • NEW: A content category organizer, too! This tool allows an administrator to have more control over the organization of their content library. They will be able to create and edit the categories that contain campaign materials. Click here for details: Content Library Categorization
  • NEW: Left Nav field editor. Administrators now have the power to select which fields get displayed in the contact manager left-hand-side. Click here for details: Fields Configuration
  • Added 'Submitted Date' to arc OS (formerly L360) Integrations for vehicle loans and unsecured loans. This will automatically be available and if you want to add it to your setup, contact [email protected]
  • Updated databases to now allow importing "Tags". Customers that import many "one-off" lists will now have the ability to tag imports. Additional tags can be added to each import so that contacts can be tracked based on where they came from and which communications they received for segmentation and better organization. 

Bugs Squashed:

  • Import History bug fixed to return a very large data import history more efficiently. 
  • Related Contacts bug fixed and will now display linked relationships for tables such as vehicle loans or accounts.

If you have questions or comments please reach out to [email protected] for additional help.