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Intuvo Production deployment 6.0 | New BI Base Reports

Base Reports

The current Marketing and Engagement report name was changed to Email Transaction Report to better describe the content. The following enhancement was made to the report:

  • Added data drill through abilities to review specific member data. 
  • Example: You can drill through the "Open Email" count into which members of the database opened the email. 

Campaign Base Report and Campaign Insights

  • The Campaign Base Report contains 11 different visuals across 2 tabs (Campaign Overview and Campaign Insights).  Selecting an individual campaign will display metrics that show the health of the campaign events, as well as products that campaign recipients have opened after being campaigned to. To learn more you may access the article Campaign Base Report

Mortgage Base Report

  • In this report, the user can view several key data points related to mortgage loans that have progressed through the various stages of the mortgage life cycle.  For example, a manager could see that for the past 3 months, the average cycle time between App Received to Funding has increased un-expectantly. This unfortunate result can help trigger next action steps for the manager to see where inefficiencies have surfaced within the operations department leading to the increased time.
  • This report is for marketers to derive effectiveness of their Mortgage marketing campaigns and opportunities to see new areas  where communication can bring ROI. 
  • This report contains 13 different visualizations of mortgage specific data. You can dive deeper into this report here Mortgage Base Report

Engagement Base Report

  • The Engagement report contains 4 data visualizations. Each visualization helps the user make decisions by identifying engagement levels of members and where additional data could be beneficial for marketing efforts.
  • Utilizing a modern technology called 'Temporal Tables' we can capture data points and then show how that data has changed over time. This data started calculating as of January 2022. Learn more about the report by reading the article Engagement Base Report.

More Embedded Power BI Updates

  • All supporting Backend changes to support new reports
    • Pulling additional Contact and Loan data for more robust reporting
    • Infrastructure changes for efficiency

  • Backend changes to allow for adding and removing base reports to customer accounts
    • Embedded BI API for One-Click Deployment
    • Embedded BI API to get Resource Allocation details