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Intuvo Production deployment 5.31 | Expansion of Linked Records

Expansion of Linked Record Marketing Options

In this release we have updated our the consumer and enterprise data integrations to be able to handle 'Linked Records'

What is a Linked Record? 
In a transaction such as a Mortgage loan, we offer the ability to link in additional parties, such as Buyer's Agent, Seller's Agent or Escrow Officer. These parties to the transaction become what Intuvo refers to as “Linked Records.” The agents get a record in your database that can then be used to send campaign events to as a Recipient.  


  • Adding the Real Estate agents as 'Linked Records' gives you the ability to send them updates on their Borrower's transaction within the Loan Status Updates campaign.
  • Because these parties also become Contact Records within the database, you can create targeted campaigns (i.e., Realtor Outreach campaign) for them with reminders of the great services you offer as a financial institution.

How was this ability expanded?

Great question. Given our new data integrations with Core and Host systems either via Flatfile or API, these integrations now have the ability to link in parties to mortgage and consumer lending.

If you are using a newer data sources such as importing via flat file core or consumer loan data or utilizing an API connection - reach out to [email protected] if you desire to add additional parties to your Intuvo data.

App Updates

There are two areas that were updated to provide a more concise user experience.

Within the Marketing Campaign editor, we have made the Send From Override display box wider and included the user ID within the box. Previously, the box was too narrow and made it impossible to see additional information about each of the Send From Override options, especially when they were utilizing the same name. Now, if a customer account is using multiple Send From Override options, they will be able to use the User ID displayed to help tell them apart and select the option they desire.

Previously within the Marketing Campaign editor, campaign emails that used a Holiday date to trigger an email would display with language that made it appear the email would not be sent (i.e., "No Recipient set" and "Targets Unavailable"). We have updated this setup so that it  reflects the recipient of the email more accurately. This is only a display change; thus, the functionality has not been altered and no changes are required by you.





If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us at [email protected]