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Intuvo Production deployment 5.28 | Import Duplicate Detection Update

Intuvo has a complex and robust import engine that manages borrower and member data. Using a combination of key fields and "Fuzzy Logic" the system matches data from several sources to successfully build 1 borrower profile so that marketing is easy and accurate. 

Part of this engine relies on a human to review import questions to ensure Intuvo is making the right matches.  Below outlines two changes we made to improve the number of questions waiting for human/manual review, and to have our system make more intelligent decisions on our customers' behalf. 

1. Moved the priority of the criteria below to be higher in the duplicate evaluation process. In testing we found that it resulted in less import questions that need to be reviewed manually.  

  1. When a person's name is an exact First, or exact Last Name match - BUT the birthdate on the existing record and incoming record are not an exact match, it will automatically create a new record now, this previously would require manual review.

2. Added ability to toggle 'off' one of the sets of criteria used to identify minor name changes. This criteria is for only applies when birthdates are an exact match and a First or Last Name is an exact match.  

Examples of cases where this logic is good to have ON include: Married persons often change their Last Name but since their Birthdate, email are the same you want our system to catch these and offer an unresolved import ensure the records are brought together.

Examples of where this logic is better to be 'off' include: Twin children will have the same Birthdate, and very similar names, as well as an exact match on Last Names.  You want this criteria turned off so that our system creates a new record instead of waiting for a manual review.

These options are very tricky. We have created a guide that can help determine if this change is right for the customer account. Reach out to [email protected] or contact your account manager if you would like to review options for this on your account.