OneTouch Basics

How-To send a OneTouch Email

The OneTouch feature allows users to send out emails to members by setting up a one-time ad-hoc email blast. Below is a brief walk through of the steps with links that will assist you with learning all the pieces to complete a OneTouch.

The purpose of this feature is to allow credit unions to immediately send one-time email blasts.

 Using this Feature 

  1. Upon logging into your respective account, select the Marketing tab followed by the OneTouch tab. (Note: As a prerequisite, have your filter content and Send From ready to be setup for this feature.)

  2. Once inside, the OneTouch page will display an over view of OneTouch email blasts by several key metric indicators as well as seeing if they were successful in being sent. If you have questions on this page visit this support article for more information OneTouch Overview Results.

  3. To schedule a OneTouch, simply select the ‘Send OneTouch’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. You will need to first select a recipient list from the category and filter at the top of the screen.  If you are unsure of the list of recipients you desire to send to, visit the  How do I create a new filter?

  5. Next, you have the option to select either an override to customize the 'Send From' and 'Reply To' fields.  A send from override indicates what user profile the 'Send From' email address is going to come from. A 'reply to' override indicates what user profile the 'Reply To' email address is going to.  If you wish to not customize, leave these as is.

  6. At the bottom of the screen you will see the recipient list criteria, count of results and count of valid email addresses within the recipient list. Optionally, you can select ‘View Recipients’ at the bottom of the page above the Continue button.  Selecting this will also allow you to review and adjust any duplicate recipients in your list. Managing Duplicates in OneTouch Email

  7. Next, you will be taken to the email library. Select the email you would like to send  and select Continue. If you need to edit the email you can do so. For a walk through on how to do that go here. Editing email templates. You have the option to edit or modify the template you selected on the previous screen.  If no updates are needed, select continue.

  8. The last page will have you confirm the information of your OneTouch job.  Review all of the information provided and select Send Now.   If you want to schedule the job to be sent at a future date and time. Follow this guide. Forward Schedule OneTouch Basics.

  9. When you're ready, click 'Send Now' and your job will be sent. The screen will redirect to the overview page. You will see your  job, with a status of "Send in Progress"