Forward Schedule OneTouch Basics

Forward Scheduled OneTouch

The Forward Scheduled OneTouch feature allows credit unions to send out emails to members by setting up a one-time ad-hoc email blast. Below is a brief walk through of the steps with links that will assist you with learning all the pieces to complete a OneTouch.

The purpose of this feature is to allow credit unions to schedule out an ad-hoc email up to 30 days in advance through the OneTouch tool.

 Using this Feature 

  1. Upon logging into your respective account, select the Marketing tab followed by the OneTouch tab. (Note: As a prerequisite, have your filter content and Send From ready to be setup for this feature.)

  2. Once inside, the OneTouch page will display an over view of OneTouch email blasts by several key metric indicators as well as seeing if they were successful in being sent. If you have questions on this page visit this support article for more information OneTouch Overview Results.

  3. To schedule a OneTouch, simply select the ‘Send OneTouch’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. You will need to first select a recipient list from the category and filter at the top of the screen.  If you are unsure of the list of recipients you desire to send to, visit the  How do I create a new filter?

  5. Next, you have the option to select either an override to customize the 'Send From' and 'Reply To' fields.  A send from override indicates what user profile the 'Send From' email address is going to come from. A 'reply to' override indicates what user profile the 'Reply To' email address is going to.  If you wish to not customize, leave these as is.

  6. At the bottom of the screen you will see the recipient list criteria, count of results and count of valid email addresses within the recipient list. Optionally, you can select ‘View Recipients’ at the bottom of the page above the Continue button.  Selecting this will also allow you to review and adjust any duplicate recipients in your list. Managing Duplicates in OneTouch Email

  7. Next, you will be taken to the email library. Select the email you would like to send  and select Continue. If you need to edit the email you can do so. For a walk through on how to do that go here. Editing email templates. You have the option to edit or modify the template you selected on the previous screen.  If no updates are needed, select continue.

  8. The last page will have you confirm the information of your OneTouch job.  Review all of the information provided and select Schedule OneTouch.

  9. The page will update and provide a place for you to select a date and then a time. The date must be within 30-days from today.  The time you select will be your local time, so there is no need to calculate time zones.

  10. When you're ready, click 'schedule' and your job will be setup while you are redirected to the overview page. You will see your scheduled job, with a red status of 'scheduled'. You can add a reminder to your personal calendar by clicking on the status. Read more here on how to complete the calendar reminder. How to add a scheduled OneTouch to your calendar

The scheduled job is now all set to be sent based on your selections. The job is not editable but you can cancel the job and reset your selections.  The recipients of the job will remain locked in unless the contacts are deleted.

Forward scheduling a OneTouch is great for:

  • Sending a email blast at a specific time of day without having to be at the computer at that time.
  • Sending a email blast when you are out of the office.
  • Sending a email on a specific day with a specific sender.

You should opt to use a Campaign instead for the following types of events:

  • Use a campaign when the emails are meant to be automated based on trigger dates unique to the transaction.
  • Use a campaign when the audience can change quickly or needs to be adjusted before being sent.
  • Use a campaign when you have a series of emails that string together to deliver a strategy.
  • Use a campaign when you are sending multiple content types. (emails, sms, mailers)