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How do I add a tasks to a campaign?

To add a task to one of your existing campaigns, navigate to the Marketing Center. When clicking on the Marketing Center you are brought by default to your list of campaigns. From your list of campaigns, select the campaign in which you would like to add a task.

Any changes being made to an active campaign will be LIVE upon saving. If you have any concerns regarding adding events to your live campaigns, please contact your Intuvo Support Team to assist you in ensuring your events are properly configured to your needs.

From within your campaign, select the 'Add an event' button in the upper right-hand corner.

After you've selected 'Add an event' you will be directed to the event creation wizard, where you will be walked through the steps to successfully add your task to your campaign. First, select the type of event you wish to add and click 'Continue.'

Next, select the desired task from within your content library. You can utilize the search and category functions on the left-hand side of your content library to locate the specific task you are looking to add. Upon locating the task, hover over the thumbnail and select 'Choose.'

Upon selecting 'Choose,' review the tasks content to ensure the task has the desired subject, and note prior to selecting 'Continue.' If you wish to edit the task details prior to proceeding, select 'Edit.'

Next, we'll want to select at what point during the life of the campaign, should the task event take place. To make sure you are selecting the appropriate frequency type for your event, learn more about event frequency types here. Once you've selected your event frequency type, select/enter any subsequency frequency details.

Once you've selected your task event, the events trigger date/frequency, you'll need to select the appropriate filter for the event. Each of your automatic campaigns has a designated filter that contains the criteria at which a contact needs to meet in order to be placed onto the campaign. Each event contained within your campaign can have an additional set of criteria if necessary. If no additional filter criteria need to be placed on the individual event, you can simply give the event the same filter as the overall campaign.

Once you've selected the appropriate filter for your event, you will be directed to a preview of the selected filter's criteria to review and finalize prior to saving your event.

Once you have reviewed your filter criteria, and are ready to proceed, select 'Continue.'

Success! You've added your new task event to your campaign.

Once you've completed the wizard, and have received the success message that your event was added to your campaign, it is imperative that you make sure to give your campaign a final save. To do so, click the 'Save' button in the upper right-hand corner.