How do I create a task?

To create a new task, navigate to the Marketing center > select 'Content Library' > and check the 'Tasks' box to view only the Task type events that live in your Content Library

From your Task content view, hover over one of the living tasks, and select 'Edit.'

From the open Task, select the 'Save As' button in the upper right-hand corner to create your new task.

Upon selecting 'Save As' you will be asked to give your new task a name. Enter the name of your task in the provided field and select 'Save.'

Once you've selected 'Save,' you will be directed back to your content library. To modify the task details in your new task, hover over your newly created task and select 'Edit.'

From within the task, fill out the necessary task oriented details like subject, priority, and a note containing details about what the task involves, or a call script if the task requires a direct outreach to a contact. Once you've filled out your necessary task details, select 'Save.'