Import Ownership

Login and Navigate to: Data tab-Import Ownership

New Values:
Determine whether or not you would like to Import each new value record (user).

*Below are Yes and No scenarios to help guide you:

NO Scenario:
For Example per this shot: If Debra Moore is actually an employee who was Laid-Off last week, you will want to select No so that the system does not create a new user profile for her.  
Please NOTE: Selecting No here means this record for her will move into your third section on this page: Unmapped Values.
*Make sure to hit save after you've made your selection.

YES Scenario:
For example per this shot: Debra Moore is a new Loan Officer who has joined the team. You will want to import her in so that the system assigns her a new user profile.
*Make sure to hit save after you've made your selection

Current Values:
This section will display all mapped users you've selected YES for, in previous Step 2/New Value Section.
*If in Step 2, you assigned the new user to the incorrect person in your drop down, you may Reassign them to the correct person here.

Unmapped Values:
Any records you've selected No in the New Values section above, will move directly to this section.
*You may have chosen No because you were unsure of who to map to at that time. In these types of cases, you may retrieve the record here at a later time and Reassign them to clear from this section.