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What is the Data Import Tool and Unresolved Imports - how to manage these

  1. The heading will provide a count of how many outstanding import questions you have to review.  The 'Play' button to the right will start an auto process that will resolve your imports and stop to ask you a question.
  2. This card heading row will provide the File Name the unique identifier for each loan, File Information of file date and time, and the App# which is Intuvo's Unique Number for each loan.
  3. The furthest left area will provide information that is incoming from import.
  4. The information provided to the right is provided as a potential match to the incoming data. You would review and select the correct resolution.

How do I resolve the question?

You have two options to resolve the important question.

1. Select the contact that is provided as a potential match if you are sure it is the same contact. For example, if your incoming data and matching data have the same name and birthdate or you can confirm this match with your LOS data then select the contact on the right. The Card will highlight in green outline and you'll be able to select the 'Save' button.

2. If none of the suggested matches is an accurate match - select 'create new' at the bottom and then select your 'save' button. This will create a new record for the incoming data.

3.  Learn more about managing the data import tool here

If at any time, you have questions please contact your account manager or [email protected]