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How to upload a one-off list into Intuvo

How Intuvo is set up, we automatically receive data transfers from our customers every day.  There isn't a function within the application to upload a one-off list or database of a loan officer.  To upload a off-off list or database you will need to email [email protected] and have a properly formatted .cvs or .xlsx file.  

Setting up your .csv file to import:

  • At a minimum, we need a single column for these fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, *Birthdate, *Owning User, and a *Tag (also known as contact group).
    • *Owning User: This will be the owning user of the contact - Who the marketing will be coming from.  This person or house accounts have to be a user within the system.  
    • *Tag: This is an easy way to name this list, this tag can be anything but think about it as a way to find your list in the grid.  For example, just add a column that says 'eNewletter June', and that will become the custom field we will use to tag your entire list.  
    • *Birthdate:  The field birthdate is used to mitigate any unresolved import duplicate detection.  If you absolutely can't add birthdate to the file, the alternatives are adding; Address, Company name, or Phone numbers.
      • If birthdate, address, company, or phone number is not added you will potentially have a lot of unresolved imports to work through before using this list to send emails out.
  • The file needs to be a .csv. or .xlsx
  • You can add more fields in the list other than the minimum.  

Steps to upload the one-off list:

  1. Set up the file with all the required fields.
  2. Send to [email protected]
  3. We will import it into the system.
  4. We will use the tag that to create a custom field, then we will use that custom field to create you a filter based on that custom field tag.