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Text Message Data Security FAQ’s

Intuvo offer’s text messaging marketing through our application by connecting our vendor Twilio.  Below is a list of FAQ’s regarding text message security questions:

What info is sent from Intuvo to Twilio when a text event happens?

An API Relay sends only the phone number of the member, and the text contained in that message to Twilio for sending. We are currently sending relays to Twilio in any range from once a day to every 15 minutes, preference is set by the customer.  We send POST data to a secure Twilio API endpoint and each account has their own username and password for a subaccount


What does Twilio do with that info besides using it to text the member?

In terms of what data is stored, all the information stored about the messages can be seen at the Message Properties at or Call Properties at

Each of the properties has a PII indication under it, you can find more about how they manage PII here.


If a member replies, where does that reply "go"? Does it come back to Intuvo at all? 

Yes, it shows up inside Intuvo as a notification, we can also activate an email to the LO that someone replied to a text. 


How does Twilio "know" to e-mail the specific loan officer with a member's texted reply, especially if several LO users are sharing a single 10-digit text number?

Inside Intuvo, a member is assigned to an LO, that is the LO we'd notify. But additionally, based on access permissions, LOs can login and see all members or just members they are working with.  They will see the reply in the LO’s user notification within Intuvo. 


Is Intuvo involved at all, or does that strictly route from member's phone to LO's email? 

We get an API Call back for delivered, as well as replied text. Intuvo is entirely involved in notifications to the LO.

Presumably, they know because we send them the "reply-to" email pulled from the associated owning user - what other member AND user data does Twilio get from us? 

None other than listed in the 1st question.


What reporting is available from Intuvo, and from Twilio, about texts?

Text messaging reporting is viewed in the daily marketing preview.  We don’t have any reporting available yet in the grid or transaction report, but we do have plans of setting this up soon.  In the meanwhile, you can always write into [email protected] to get opt-out reports from Twilio.