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How to Build Advanced Filters

First you will need to select 'Create New Filter'.

When starting out to create an Advanced filter you'll need to determine the best 'base filter' for your report. If needed you can change this later, but you'll want to select a base filter related to the marketing desired as well as any fields you may desire in your report. In the coming steps you'll be adding data to narrow your results but the base filter determines the report columns and data available to trigger marketing events.

Once the base filter is selected, give your filter a name and a category so you can easily locate it later.

  1. This primary tab will provide you the base filter. Criteria added to this tab screen will be related to the base filter here. If you needed to change the base filter, you could click the 'wheel' icon and select a new base filter. Intuvo will prompt a warning if you will lose any criteria or columns you've added to this filter - as well as if you change will negatively affect an existing campaign event being used with this filter.
  2. Here is where things get interesting! - Adding an additional tab provides the opportunity to adjoin additional data to your base filter. For example: if you base filter is All Accounts you can then adjoin additional products or tables such as All Vehicle Loans.