Intuvo Knowledge BaseGridFiltersHow do I assign a group of contacts to a new campaign?

How do I assign a group of contacts to a new campaign?

Sometimes we want to place a specific group of contacts onto a campaign.  Here is how you would go about doing that:

  1. Click on the "Grid"
  2. Select "Blank Templates"
  3. Select the filter "All Contacts" 

This is going to set up the opportunity to filter the exact results that you will be moving to the campaign of choice.

   1. Click on the down arrow next to "Edit Columns" button
   2. Select "Edit Filter"

   1. This tells you how many records you have before you add in a filter
   2. You will choose an option to filter from.  Here we are going to choose "Market From"
   3. The options here will let you add in the option selected, or exclude the option selected.  In some cases it         could be a date range, you can be creative in how you filter your data.
   4. Choose your data point here - for this example, we are going to filter all records where the "Market
       From" is "in" "Andy Advisor"  
   5 . Once you have chosen your filter criteria, click save.  You can add additional filters here if you choose.
   6. Click save to save all of your filter changes

Once all is to your liking, select Assign box in green at bottom right-hand of page. Once you click this, this pop up box below will appear. You will be asked if you "are sure you want to 'Move 2 contacts' (per image below) to the 'Lost Client' campaign?" In other words, you are prompted to verify your action(s) and destination you've chosen to assign to.

Hit "Yes, update" to complete the action or Cancel to disregard.

Good job, you've now Assigned to a New Campaign from your Grid!