Intuvo Knowledge BaseGridFiltersHow do I send a One-Time email blast from the Grid?

How do I send a One-Time email blast from the Grid?

Navigate to your Grid tab at top and select a Category and Filter.

Select the check mark header at top of far left-hand column to select all for who you will be sending your one-time email to. Note that you will see all check marks in this row highlight green once selected.

Now, click on 'Send One-Time Email' in green.

You will be directed to your Content Library to choose which email template you'd like to use for your One-Touch. Now, hover over the template of your choice. You'll then see and select "choose" in green on the template.

Here, you'll click Edit at top right-hand corner and custom create your email via the WYSIWYG tool available. Don't forget to Save your work!

After Saving your work, click Continue at top right-hand of page.

You'll then be directed to this Review page where you have the chance to double check your filter used from the Grid, the number of recipients from your Grid search that you've set up this On-Touch to be sent to. You'll also see the name and subject line detail of your One-Touch in the bottom Email portion.

If you are pleased with the Recipients and Email portions, click on Send Email in green at bottom right-hand corner of the page.

One-Touches will all be immediately sent with this tool - the system will present this pop up below asking if you are sure you want to send this on-time email. Hit 'Yes' to send real-time or 'No, thanks.' to disregard your One-Touch email sending.

Please note with larger batches of recipients, you will need to allow the system time to upload progress results for all emails sending in your: Marketing tab-One-Touch sub tab.

Good job, you've just sent a One-Touch Email Blast from your Grid!