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How do I edit filters?

Navigate to your Grid tab at top. Select a category and filter.

Select the check mark header at top of far left-hand column to select all records you are editing filter(s) for. Note that you will see all check marks in this row highlight green once selected.

Next, click the downward arrow to the right of the grey 'Edit Columns' box in upper right-hand corner - then select the 'edit filter' option shown in image below.

You are now brought to the screen below where you may edit, remove, and/or add filters.

Click "Add Filter Item" at mid right-hand to produce a fresh filter condition you may create.

When clicking on edit per shot below, you'll be presented with the ability to edit details in the three boxes below: (In this example: Fico, greater than, 700).

Please note below where you may change the category type while editing an existing filter. 

In the second box, you may change the "is" to all listed (in between, in, not in, etc.)

Please note the change made from a score of 700 to 650 - which you may edit in third box from the left.

Once you've completed these three sections to your liking - Click Save to the right of the filter.

After hitting Save OR Remove on the right of the actual filter line - You will need to click Save at the top right-hand corner in order to completely Save all changes made.

The screen will then redirect you to your Grid where you will see this filter update (Fico Score of 650 or above per example) reflected in your search.

Good job, you've just edited a filter!