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Understanding Filter Bases

When you create a new filter or work on an existing filter, those filters have a base filter.  The filter base indicates which tables of data you can pull from for your filter conditions.  For example, if you want a filter for all open accounts, you would select an 'All Accounts' filter base.  Below you will find how to select a  base filter when you create a new filter and how you can tell which base an existing filter is using.

How to select a base filter:

  1. Go to the Grid tab.
  2. Click 'Create New Filter'
  3. It will ask you to select a base filter.  Select the base product that you will be filtering data.  For example, if you need to pull in Mortgage Loan Number as a field on the filter, you need to select the base filter 'All Mortgage Loans'.

How do you know what base is on the filter your using:

A the top of the filter it shows you the available tables you can use.  For the All mortgage loans filter base, it shows you that you can filter on the tables 'contacts, addresses, properties and loans'.