Unsubscribe links

  • In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, all email templates need to have an unsubscribe link.  It is also referred to as an Honor opt-out request.  
    • Promotional emails must comply with all the requirements of CAN_SPAM Act of 2003. 
    •  If it contains only transactional and its primary purpose is transactional. In that case, it may not contain false or misleading routing information but is otherwise exempt from most provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Unsubscribe links allow your subscribers to take them off the email list, rather than flagging the emails as spam. 
  • It removes and manages individuals that unsubscribe from your list automatically.  
  • Using the unsubscribe link processes bounce records. 


1: In the footer,  add messaging about the unsubscribe link.

Examples -

  • Remove from mailing list 
  • Unsubscribe 
  • Click here to unsubscribe

2:  Highlight the text and click on add a hyperlink.  

3: When you click the hyperlink button a gray box will populate.  This is where you will add the Intuvo unsubscribe link. 

4:  Review that all the text has now turned blue (or whatever link color you have set) and is underlined.  If it looks like the image below, it should be set for that given email.