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How to create a Print Asset in Print House

Print House will allow you to create a one-page asset for printing.

To access Print House go to Marketing>Print House

Before creating your asset please make sure that your PDF form adheres to the following:

Your PDF is only one page.

Your PDF form does not contain password protection.

Your PDF does not have any type of permission restrictions applied to it (such as not allowing printing or making changes).

Your PDF form does not have an exceptionally long file name or uses illegal characters in the name such as a colon or a question mark.

To create a new asset:

1. Click on Create New Asset and then navigate to the PDF file you wish to upload and click on Open. You will receive a message that the file was successfully uploaded. Hit Continue.

2. You will now be on the Create New Print item page. Here you will be able to map your fields as well as select the Owning User and Security Group for your print item.

3. A text field can be static or dynamic. If you choose it to be dynamic you will be able to choose from available merge codes in the drop down. If you choose static you will be presented with a text box to enter your text into.

4. Image fields are dynamic and will present you with a list of images that you upload to your account for use. For example, a headshot or logo image.

Fields can be locked so when they are saved no one will be able to edit them.

Once all your fields are set up you can save the file. You can also Print to PDF which is what will create the PDF with all the merged data and you can print out.