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How to Set up a Document in Print House

Print House is a great resource if your Loan Officers frequent seminars or open houses.  You can easily add PDF documents that are universal, which allows your Loan Officer to merge in their data, print and go! Here is how you do it:

1. Have your team create the approved PDF for use.
2. Once the PDF is created, they will need to ensure that there are variable fields for the data they wish to import.
3.  Ensure that the filename is clear and pertains to the content of your marketing piece.

Time to upload:

1. Navigate to your Marketing tab in Intuvo
2. Click on the Print House sub menu
3. Click "Create New Asset"
4. You'll have a chance to "upload" your image or drag and drop it into the uploader.

Once the image is uploaded, you can now click on it to configure.

1. On the left side, is the configuration menu.  The text boxes you have placed in your document can be either static or dynamic fields.  The Static fields have a drop down menu that you can choose what data is to be merged in.  IE: User photo (headshot) user.contact1 (Name) 2 (Title), etc.

2. You can then click the lock icon next to the field so your Loan Officers cannot change it.  
3. Click "Save" and your done!