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How do I create an email using my own custom HTML code?

Creating a new email material for either an existing campaign, a new campaign, or a OneTouch email blast is simple! We recommend creating new materials from within your working 'Content Library.' This allows you to create new materials in a draft so that you can save your changes and come back to them at any time to finalize and either add to a campaign or send as a one time blast.  This article will show you how to create a new email using your own custom source code.

To get started, navigate to your 'Marketing' center from your toolbar, and select 'Content Library.'

From the content library, locate an existing e-mail template. When replacing source code, we can select any template as we are going to create our new material, and in addition, replace the existing source code with your source code. Once you've selected an email, hover over the thumbnail and select 'Edit.'

From the upper right-hand corner of the email editor, select 'Save As.'

In the returned name field, give your new email material a relevant/searchable name and click 'Save.'

You will be directed back to your content library, where you will see the thumbnail of the newly 'Saved As' version of your template. To replace the template with your own source code, hover over the thumbnail and select 'Edit.'

From within the email editor, select the source code icon from the upper left corner of your editor toolbar <>

From the returned 'Source Code' window, highlight and delete the existing source code (CTRL + A to select all + Delete). Paste your custom HTML into the source code window, and click 'OK.'

You will then be directed back to your e-mail, where you can preview and update your new template, that you've successfully created using your own source code. When you are finished, click 'Save' to complete your email creation. Your new custom email can now be used in any of your existing campaigns, or as a OneTouch email.