Intuvo Knowledge BaseMarketingDaily Email PreviewHow do I use the Daily Marketing Preview tool to test my campaigns?

How do I use the Daily Marketing Preview tool to test my campaigns?

Daily Marketing Preview is a tool that gives you the ability to cross-check, audit, and test e-mails being sent out on a given day. 

The Daily Marketing Preview tool shows you the e-mails from today’s date, displaying who the e-mail is going to, who it's coming from, what campaign it's a part of, and how it’s going to look. 

5 things we look for when using the Daily Marketing Preview to test campaigns are:

1. Are my merge codes pulling inaccurate information
2. Are there any discrepancies in the email text?
3. Is the recipient of this email at the appropriate status in the loan process to be receiving this email?
4. Are there borrower's that should be receiving this email but are not?
5. Are the loan milestone checkboxes or dynamic checkboxes present in the email being accurately checked based on the loan's existing data?

Once you've set up your new marketing campaign, make sure all your events are in Draft mode, and click save in the upper right-hand corner:

Then, under the header "Campaign Management" click Marketing Tracks. Set up your Marketing Track filter (your assign/remove rules) for this campaign. Allow your Intuvo system several hours to scan your members and place them on the campaign. Members will be added to your campaign as if it were running, and the emails will queue up, but will never deliver because they are drafts:

Then, click on 'Marketing' in the blue toolbar, and from the grey submenu, click on 'Daily Marketing Preview.' The date range will autofill to today's date only. If you wish to adjust the date range, click "Go" next to the dates to recompile the DMP.

Click the drop down in the upper right and select "Show Draft Events." This will show any draft events in the campaign that would go out during your specified date range if the campaign were live. The Send Date column will be blank, indicating that the emails are not sending.

Click the plus sign along the left to expand any email and review it.