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How do I use my own graphics in my emails?

Using your own graphics in your Intuvo email materials is easy! Our email templates that come with your Intuvo system out of the box have many graphics we've hand-selected for the content's purpose. It can sometimes be necessary to change these images or replace them with graphics that are more suitable for your organization's branding. Let's get started!

First, navigate to your 'Marketing' center from your toolbar and select 'Content Library.' From within your content library, locate and hover over the email that you will be updated with your own graphics/images, and click 'Edit'.

From within the email editor, select/highlight the image you are looking to replace and click on the 'Insert from my files' icon from your editing toolbar. It looks like a file folder with a magnifying glass and lives right next to the hyperlink button.

Once you've been taken to the My Files screen, you'll see a button called "Upload File." Click here then click "Choose File" and find your image to upload from your local location. After selecting your image click "Upload" to upload your file to Intuvo's hosted image server.

After you've uploaded your image, you'll be able to insert the image in your desired location within your email template. 

If your is image large, you'll be given the option of inserting a full size, medium or small version of your image. Smaller versions of images are always better in emails because they are less likely to be flagged as spam and the images load much faster for your recipient. 

If you need more help with your images, feel free to contact [email protected]