Intuvo Knowledge BaseMarketingCampaignsHow do I create a new postcard event in a campaign?

How do I create a new postcard event in a campaign?

To add a postcard to one of your existing campaigns, navigate to the Marketing Center. When clicking on the Marketing Center you are brought by default to your list of campaigns. From your list of campaigns, select the campaign in which you would like to add a postcard.

From within your campaign, select the 'Add an event' button in the upper right-hand corner.

After you've selected 'Add an event' you will be directed to the event creation wizard, where you will be walked through the steps to successfully add your task to your campaign. First, select the type of event you wish to add and click 'Continue.'

Next, select the desired postcard from within your content library. You can utilize the search and category functions on the left-hand side of your content library to locate the specific postcard you are looking to add. Upon locating the postcard, hover over the thumbnail and select 'Choose.'

The next screen allows you to preview your postcard before adding it to your event. If the postcard looks correct, click the "Continue" button to configure the frequency, filter, and recipients of your email. 

If necessary, you can click on the "Edit" button from here to make any changes needed to your postcard. 

If this is not the postcard you are looking for, click the "Back" button to search the Content Library again. 

Next, you will be prompted to select the frequency of the email in your campaign. There are three different options for event frequencies. 

1. Timeline - This option is best for campaigns with linear events. Once a contact has been added to a campaign, this starts the timeline of events. The campaign starts on Month 1 Day 1 and progresses for as long as you need. In this case, we have to use a timeline event to set this postcard to go out on Month 2 Day 15 (or roughly 45 days from the campaign start date). 

2. Specific Date - This option is best for campaign events that should go out on a specific date every year. This option works great for holiday events (i.e. set the Specific Date to February 14 for events that should be triggered on Valentine's Day every year). 

3. Trigger - This option allows you to set an event around a date that has synced over to Intuvo from your loan origination system or core platform. Trigger events also allow options for the timing around when the event can be triggered. For most loan status updates, the best option is 0 days Before and up to 3 days After.*

Once you've set your event, click "Continue" to move forward. 

* Day 0 is the actual day of an event. If the Underwriting Approval date is July 30 and Intuvo receives that date field on July 30, the email will fire on July 30 as long as all other conditions were met. 

Congratulations! You've successfully added a new postcard event in your campaign. Click "Continue" to go back to your campaign editor and add more events, or edit existing events.