How do I edit my email?

This is specifically going over editing the block-style email editor.  Remember when making an email you need to do a save as on the template and you can either make edits to it, or you can delete all the content to start from scratch.  

How to build the structure of the email: 

The email structure is based on rows.  There are many options for the content rows.  These rows will be dragged and dropped into the main editing screen.  These row boxes are what you will be dragging and dropping the content types into.  Here are the steps to set up the email structure:

  1. Go to the gray side panel that says 'ROWS'.  
  2. Find the row type you would like to use, then drag and drop it to the section of the email body that row will sit in.  

How to add different content types:

Once you have your structure all done or if you have an existing template you are using already, now you will want to add the new content types.  Depending on how you want the look of your email, selecting the content for the email can highly differ.  This is a drag and drop editor so as long as you have the row structure set, you can drag the content type in the row.  Here are the steps for adding a new piece of content:

  1. Go to the content section on the right panel of the email.  Select which type of content you want to use.
  2. Then drop that content in the select row you want that piece of content to live.

How to adjust the content properties:

Once you have the content in the row, each piece of content has its own content properties.  To access the content properties, the content needs to be in the row of the email.  Then just click the content in the row and the right panel will adjust to show you now the content properties.

When editing the email, remember to save it as you go.  The system does not automatically save your email.