Lead Form Overview

Intuvo provides a Lead Form Builder which makes it easy to generate a variety of lead forms for different uses.  The Intuvo Lead Form generates "plain HTML" forms.  These forms can be customized almost infinitely as long as the core form name/value pairings remain intact.  They can be embedded on internal Intranets, external websites, etc.

How the lead form works:

The Intuvo API is a RESTful interface, providing programmatic access to much of the data in the system. It provides predictable URLs for accessing resources, and uses built-in HTTP features to receive commands and return responses. This makes it easy to communicate with from a wide variety of environments, from command-line utilities to gadgets to the browser URL bar itself.

The API accepts JSON or form-encoded content in requests and returns JSON content in all of its responses, including errors. Only the UTF-8 character encoding is supported for both requests and responses.


*API Key

Many of our API endpoints support an API key. API keys are assigned on a customer by customer basis, which they can provide to applications to talk to Intuvo on their behalf. The API key is passed as a GET or POST parameter in the HTTP request

Getting an API Key

Contact Customer Care to retrieve your API key.  [email protected]

Setting up a lead form:

Lead Form Generation

Every customer has a unique Intuvo field mapping which maps an internal Intuvo ID to a customer's data field.  For example, for one customer a contact's "first name" may have an Intuvo Field ID of 141, while another's customer's "first name" field may be 139.  Because every customer's field mapping is unique, Intuvo provides a Lead Form Builder which makes it easy to generate a variety of lead forms for different uses.  Customer Care will review use of the Lead Form Builder during the account setup phase of a customer's rollout.


The notification emails allows an email address to be notified on every API submission.


The callbackURL will redirect the user to the URL provided after a successful API submission.

Required fields within a lead form:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Group: This is an easy way to name this list, this group can be anything but think about it as a way to find your list in the grid.  
  • Owning user: This will be the owning user of the contact - Who the marketing will be coming from.  This person or house accounts have to be a user within the system.   

These fields need to be added to the lead form, otherwise, the form will error every time you try to click submit.

Sample Lead Form:

The HTML sample below shows a simple form generated automatically from the Lead Form Builder.  This HTML can be embedded onto any page with access to Intuvo's Lead Form API URI.  Note that the code below is sample code only and will not actually submit any information.

Test Lead Acquisition Form

This is a test form only and will not actually submit any data.

Owning User

Contact Group

Referred By

First Name *

Last Name *

Email *

* = required field