How to send a send from sample

Here are the steps to send yourself a send from sample:

  1. Go to the Marketing Tab.
  2. Go to Content Library
  3. Click Open, to the email you want to do a send from sample.
  4. There will be a small @ symbol on the top left hand side of the email.  (not in edit mode)  Click the @ symbol.  
  5. It will open up to have you select a recipient type.   If it's a mortgage account, the recipient will be borrower 1.  If it's a vehicle loan, the recipient will be vehicle borrow 1.  If it's for just contact information, the recipient will be contact.  Please reach out to su[email protected] if you need help with this step. 
  6. Add the contact you are trying to merge's name.  Then select the assets you want to merge into the email.  
  7. This let's you merge in any user information into your email.  Pick one of the users off the list.  
  8. Put in your email and send your sample to yourself.