Unsubscribe Management

Intuvo’s unsubscribe management program is the easy to setup and offers several options for reporting.

Every email in the Intuvo content library is set up with an unsubscribe link using our simple unsubscribe management. When a recipient clicks on this link, the click and unsubscribe is recorded in the Intuvo database and is tied to that specific email address. If the member comes back to the credit union for future transactions, they will remain unsubscribed from Intuvo. There is no time delay in the unsubscribe taking effect.

One-Click Unsubscribe

This option unsubscribes the recipient from the Intuvo marketing platform upon clicking the link. There is no further action that needs to be taken by the recipient and they are directed to a confirmation page.

Two-Click Unsubscribe

This option takes the recipient to a confirmation page to ensure that they are ready to unsubscribe at this time. After confirming, the recipient is directed to a confirmation page.

Confirmation Page

The confirmation page can be customized to direct the recipient to a URL on the credit union’s website. A direct URL to the confirmation page needs to be provided.

Common language on the confirmation page says:

“Thank You! You have been unsubscribed from Innovator’s Credit Union Mortgage email marketing."

Backing Up Unsubscribes from Other Sources

A list from other email management platforms can be backed up in the Intuvo platform to ensure that those email addresses do not receive any communication from the credit union. Please provide the list to your account manager or to [email protected] for backup. To automate backing up unsubscribes from other data sources, a flat file export can be sent to Intuvo at regular intervals to ensure recipients are unsubscribed from all platforms at the credit union.