Marketing Tracks Overview

The marketing track is the door and exit to your campaigns.  The track is what sets the initial conditions to qualify for the campaign and the removal conditions to take contacts off the campaign.  This is a basic overview of how to create a new marketing track and the different conditions you can use when setting a track up.  

How to create a new marketing track:

  1. Go to the Marketing Tab
  2. Go to Campaign Management
  3. Go to Marketing Tracks
  4. Click > Create New Marketing Tracks
  5. Name your marketing track, we suggest naming it the name of the campaign it will be linked too.
  6. Select the campaign you would like the marketing track to be associated with.
  7. Click > Create

Assign a Record to a Campaign... Conditions

  1. "When a record meets the criteria of this filter": This is where you are setting your filter to the marketing track.  This is a required field when setting up the marketing track.  You need to add the filter in the drop-down list.
  2. "When a record stops this Marketing Track": Here you can set up the transition of the contact flowing from campaign to campaign.  For example, if a contact is on the Loan Status Updates, you could set the marketing track for the loan status updates to have the condition - When a record stops this marketing track go to the Post Closing marketing track.  This allows contacts to have a smooth transition to one campaign to another. 
  3. "and remove household from other campaigns": Do not click/select this button.  If this button is selected and you want to unselect it, please reach out to [email protected]  This button keep system operating in a pre- contacts on multiple campaign system.  This button needs to be selected if your system using one campaign at a time.  If you don't know what your system is using, please contact [email protected]

Removed Records From a Campaign... Conditions

  1. "When a record does not meet the criteria of the start filter": When this criteria is selected, any time a contact is on the campaign associated with the marketing track no longer meets the criteria of the filter set in the "when a record meets the criteria of this filter" section, the contact will be removed from the campaign.  
  2. "When a record meets the criteria of this filter":  This removal criteria takes a contact off a campaign if they meet the filter criteria set to this condition.  
  3. "Days after campaign start":  Here you can set a a number of days you want a contact to stay on the campaign before being removed.  For example, if you have a January promotion campaign, you can set the days to 31 days after the campaign starts, because you only want the contact to be on the campaign a certain number of days.  
  4. "Remove all records on this date": This conditions sets a hard stop date to the marketing track.  If the date is 12/31/2019, then all contacts on the campaign will be removed on that specific date.

General Settings Conditions

  1. Daily limit: The value entered here will limit the number of contacts moved onto this campaign throughout the day.  The default has no values here.
  2. Assign Type: There are two options for assign type, Always and Once.  Select 'Always' will assume that anytime a contact meets the criteria, they may be in this campaign.  Select 'Once' and the product will be placed on this marketing track once.  Once removed, the product will not be reassigned to started again via this marketing track.