What is a contact group

Contact groups are a way to label your contacts into categories.  In the system, there are pre-set contact groups; My leads, Inherited Contacts, First-time Buyers, Realtors.  Along with the pre-set contact groups, you can create any contact groups that work for your business.  Typically, contact groups are used for one-off list uploads and lead forms.  

All ways to use contact groups to organize all your contacts.

  • Using the grid you are able to filter by the contact group.  This makes it easy to assign them to a campaign, send one touch, and mass update.  
  • Contact groups are required for lead forms and help you identify where the new leads were captured into the system. 
  • Contacts can have multiple be labeled with multiple contact groups.
  • You are able to customize your content to whatever group the contact lives in, for example: 
    • Realtors - Sending them content to remind them to refer their customers. 
    • First-time Buyers - Sending them content to remind them to not make any large purchases while in the loan process. 
    • My Leads - Sending them content to introduce yourself to them.