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How do I customize my contact layout?

Each contact record within your Intuvo system is equipped with the necessary tables and fields representing all of the contact related data from your Loan Origination System. This includes basic contact information, property information, and applicable loan/product data. Each of the fields in these sections can be added, removed, and re-arranged to align with your individual business practices.

To re-arrange or remove the fields in your Contact section, click on the 'More actions' drop-down, and select 'Edit contact layout.'

Once you've selected 'Edit contact layout' your Contact view will change from static, to modifiable. Locate the field(s) you are looking to move or remove, and simply drag and drop them to their new location.

Once you've selected a field with your mouse, you can simply move it to it's desired location or drop it off in the revealed 'Remove field' bin.

After dropping your field in the newly desired location, simply select 'Save Changes' in the upper right-hand corner, and you will be directed back to the static Contact view.