How do I merge a contact?

1.  Log into Intuvo and click on the 'Contacts' section.

2.  From the search bar, search and locate the contact you are looking to merge with another contact.

3.  Click on the 'More Actions' drop-down 

4.  Select 'Merge contact.'

1.  You will then be directed to the 'Merge Contacts' wizard. First, search and select the contact you are looking to merge with the contact record you are currently viewing and select 'Continue.'

1.  Next, you'll want to decide which Contact will be the Primary contact and select which Contact and     Address data you would like to Merge. The Primary contact will have a yellow star next to their icon. 

2. By checking the box, you can delete the secondary contact record.  

3.  By checking the box, you can update the associated linked records after the merge.

1.  You can select which Products and Loans you want to merge. After you make your selections, click on Continue.

1. The next step shows the contact record that will be the primary (starred) and you will see the data options that you can select into the starred record (on the right). Click the products and properties you would like to merge over.

2. Click "Merge" and the action will be complete.