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How do I create a new contact?

Select the 'Add new contact' button from the upper right-hand corner of the Contact screen.

Enter the first and last name of the contact you are creating, and select 'Create.'

Upon adding a new contact, Intuvo will detect if there is already a name within the system that may be a potential duplicate. If this is a case, a possible match will be presented as you are filling out the 'Create Contact' form. To identify whether you would like to proceed with the new contact, you can select the highlighted possible match, to view the contact record and determine if this is the same contact, or if you would like to proceed with creating the new contact anyway.

Once you have selected 'Create' (or 'Create anyway' upon determining whether the new contact already exists) you will be directed to the new contact record where additional contact information can be filled out.

As you fill in the Address and Campaign Information you will see that information updated in the relationship tree on the left-hand side of the contact record. Clicking on any information that is in the relationship tree will jump you to the corresponding section on the contacts record.