Intuvo Knowledge BaseAdministrationManaging UsersHow do I transfer contacts from an MLO who has left to an MLO that is active?

How do I transfer contacts from an MLO who has left to an MLO that is active?

I. When you have a Mortgage Loan Officer who has left your company, here is how you can re-assign their contacts to an existing Mortgage Loan Officer.  

You will start by creating the "Inherited Contacts" field to help with reporting.  If you already have this field, you can skip down to section III.

Go to:
1. Admin
2. Field Config
3. Click on the table you are adding the field to (in this case, it is the contacts table)
4. Click on "+New Field"
5. Click on "Add Custom Field"

1. Click on "Field Type"
2. From the drop-down menu Select "Single Line Text"
3. In the Field name section, type in "Previous MLO"
4. Click "Save"

II. Once you have this field created, you will need to add it to your contact record.  This will pull in the data and help with filtering.

1. Click on "More Actions"
2. Click on "Edit Contact Layout"

1. Click on "Add Field"

1. You can now start typing in the field "Inherited Contacts"
2.  Select this field.
3. Click "Save Changes"

III. We now will show you how to populate this field you have created with the previous MLO's name, and how to add these contacts to a contact group that is specifically used when transferring contacts. While in the Grid, you will want to create a filter to pull all the contacts that need to be transferred.

1. Go to Grid
2. All Clients
3. Everyone
4. Edit Filter

While in the Grid filter, you are looking to pull all the contacts that are "Market From" the MLO who is leaving the CU.  

1. Click "Add Filter Item"
2.  Where "Market from" is "In" "MLO Name"
3. Click "Save"

You will now want to do a "Mass Update" to the results.  The first update we are going to do is to add all of these contacts into the "Inherited Contacts" group.  

1. Click the checkbox in the upper left-hand corner of the grid.
2. Click "Mass Update"

The next screen will walk you through where to update these records.

1. Field Category: Contacts
2. Field: Contact Group
3. Values: Inherited Contacts
4. Add to Existing: Leave this checked
5. Click: Update

Now that we have the contact group these contacts belong to, we are going to update the "Previous MLO" field using the same method.

1. Field Category: Contacts
2. Field: Previous MLO
3. Values: Name of Departing MLO
4. Click: Update

Now, you can assign these contacts to another MLO.  They will know who the contacts belong to and the contacts will be in the Inherited Contacts group for tracking.  

You can now send us a support request to transfer the closed/inactive loans to the new MLO and to cancel the user who has left.  If you have questions, please contact [email protected]