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Creating, Editing and Managing Users

Admin Center

Editing and managing existing users in Intuvo now lives underneath the "Admin" tab in

(1) The User Status drops down will default to "All Active" users. If you're ever looking for disabled or canceled users, click the drop down to access your "Canceled" or "Disabled" list. Disabled Users happens only when they have attempted their password incorrectly more than 3 times.

(2) This is the Intuvo user’s name and username - Generally, the username is their email address and it is used to login to Intuvo. If you click on the users’ name it will take you into the user's profile for further setup details.

(3) Each user must be 'Approved' by an Admin lever user. Once approved the user can begin sending marketing (emails, postcards, text messages, etc.) out of Intuvo. It is very important to carefully review the profile before approving the user.

(4) Search Button - You can enter a name in this area to return fewer results when managing a large user list.

(5) Auto Campaign Controls - This count provides a quick view of the number of Campaign Controls that are automatically running for each user. Generally, you'll want all users to have all controls on 'Automatic'. When in doubt - reach out to [email protected]

(6) The icon ' . . .' provides a few additional actions to assist with user management

a. Reset Password provides a prompt that will send an email to this user with a link to reset their password.

b. Copy User, a tool that will assist in quick user creation. It will copy a few of the standard user fields so that creating users can be even snappier.

c. Cancel User, this will set the user to cancel, it will stop marketing and render the user unable to login to Intuvo. Before you cancel a user, you will want to determine if you want to reassign their contacts to another user profile. If so, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Inside the User Profile

1) This area displays the user's name as well as username. You can change the username here by clicking on 'Change username'. From here enter a new username and it will be confirmed. Please use an email address where possible.

2) Security Role provides classifications for different levels of access for you vs. your users.

Security Group provides additional group privileges. For example, separate group access levels. Review with your account manager if you have questions.

User Status designates the user’s license status. Generally, all users that send marketing from their use with their face and name on it will be “Active Billable” - Administrative accounts used only to access Intuvo and edit Intuvo’s setup can be “Active NonBillable” and do not use a license.

3) User information detail area provides the fields for contact and customization related to marketing materials. Use the fields provided to curate personalized information to be represented on marketing materials.

4) User Headshot file is presented here for review. You can upload your users headshot by clicking "upload".  Please note, your image specs MUST be 300DPI and the file size should be no smaller than 671x671 px.  If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

5) User Logo file is also here in view. You can select another logo from the drop-down list. If you need an image added contact [email protected]