Support Response Times

Intuvo Support hours are from 8 am - 5 pm PST. Intuvo's support team is diligent in resolving reported issues but request that you follow the posted instructions below for reporting issues to support. Failure to use this process can lead to longer resolution times.

We cannot guarantee exact resolution times but strive to respond to reported system issues with concern and care to how the issue affects your daily functions as quickly as possible.

For a complete list of estimated response times, please refer to the table below.

Database Imports (Outside of a Data Integration Sync)

Database Import turn times should reference

Reporting an issue

Have a problem? Need assistance? Have a feature request? Let us know!

Estimated Technical Support Response Times

Estimated Technical Support Response Times

All turn times are reflective of a ticket's status in Intuvo Project Planner. By communicating your request with [email protected], you can be assured the most accurate updates and adjustments in resolution times to you reported an issue. If you'd like to log in and view all of your reported issues, review the instructions for logging into Atlassian at