Intuvo Knowledge BaseAdministrationManaging UsersHow do I upload a user or loan officer head shot?

How do I upload a user or loan officer head shot?

Uploading your user photos has never been easier!  

We have created a photo uploader which you can find in the Admin section of Intuvo while inside of a user profile. 

While in Intuvo, make your way over to the Admin Section.  Here you will see your users - click on the desired user you need to upload a photo for.

Here are the specs you will need:
1. The photo format must be a .JPEG or .TIF file
2. The Photo's DPI MUST be 300DPI - no exceptions!
3. The photo should be no smaller than 671x671 pixels
If the photo does not meet the criteria above, the photo uploader will error.

Once you have the correctly formatted photo, navigate to the "Admin" section of Intuvo and find the user with whom you will be uploading the photo and click on their name.  You will see the user headshot section where you will click "Upload" to initiate the uploader for the user headshot:

When you upload the headshot, the uploader will notify you if your image does not meet the specifications mentioned at the top of this article.  The best way to name the file you plan to upload is with Letters and numbers, all  lowercase.  Special characters and spaces are not permitted.