Intuvo Weekly Marketing Estimate

The weekly marketing estimate is an email sent directly to an Intuvo user's inbox. It is generated weekly, typically on Monday or Tuesday, when our team compiles the postcard mail job.

This report shows you who your postcard recipients are, which campaigns they are assigned to and which mailers they will receive.

During this process, Intuvo scans all your campaigns to see which members should receive postcard mailers. Our system looks back 1 week, and ahead 2 weeks. This information is sent to the printer with enough lead time to print and mail the postcards in advance of the desired date.

Because it's looking ahead 2 weeks, it is not always an accurate count of emails that are going to go out (as emails aren't queued up that far in advance). The weekly marketing estimate should therefore be considered a weekly mailer marketing estimate. For more accurate reporting on emails that been delivered from your Intuvo system, you should use the Email Transaction Report.

To change who receives the Weekly Marketing Estimate in their email, contact [email protected].