SPF & Domain Key Setup

What is an SPF Record?

A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication technique which is used to prevent spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain. 

Intuvo creates and maintains a sending domain on the credit union's behalf, then during implementation provides your network team with steps to either establish an SPF record for your domain, or add this sending domain to your existing SPF record.

What is a Domain Key?

Domain Keys and DKIM are two email authentication standards which cryptographically sign an email message using a public/private key mechanism in such a way that as ending server can encrypt a message with a private key, and a receiving server can decrypt the message using the public key. This ensures that it has not been tampered with, and indicates that it originated from the domain that is claimed in the From Address field.

Intuvo begins setting this up on behalf of the credit union, then during implementation provides your network key with steps to enable the key pair.

What about whitelisting?

During implementation, there are a few domains that we may ask your network team to whitelist at the credit union so that your team can access all our project tools and receive test emails.

When it comes to Intuvo remaining whitelisted so your members continue to receive communication from the credit union, the team at Intuvo makes sure the sending IP we use on your behalf remains whitelisted so your emails stay deliverable, not marked as junk, and safe. We investigate spam and deliverability issues, and make necessary updates to circumvent them. Sometimes, this is a technical adjustment on our end. Other times, updates to circumvent spam filters include updates to your email content and subject lines to make them more inbox-friendly.

If you have recently enabled a key pairing with Intuvo, or added our SPF details to your existing record, as part of an Intuvo implementation, you can use these tools to validate your SPF and DKIM: