Mapping Send From Roles

Mapping send from roles, is a different process then just mapping users.  If you need to map users within the application, please review here.  Mapping send from roles is only necessary for dynamic send from roles.  If you are unsure if the role is dynamic or static, please review here.  

Mapping dynamic send from roles is something only the Intuvo support team can do for your account.  This is not something anyone can do in the application.  Below is the process we have set for mapping the send from roles.  

Dynamic Send From Role: This role is someone who has worked with the specific contact.  It would be a field you send in your daily data file.  These fields are not the same as an owning user.  

An example - If you want to send an email out of behalf of the Processor or Loan Rep.  That specific email will be sent by the Processor or Loan Rep that worked with the contact.  

Mapping the Send From Role Process

Before you send your mapping roles support ticket:

  1. Add their name to the daily file you send to Intuvo in the proper field.  
  2.  All dynamic send from roles need to have user accounts.  Please make a user account for the send from role.  
  3. The user account needs to be 'Approved' for marketing. 
  4.  Email [email protected] you need your role mapped.  

Intuvo Support Process for Mapping Roles: 

  1. If the data file value has not populated in the file yet, we will place the support ticket on a monitor and wait till we see the value populate, then map it.
  2. Then we will run an update on all of the files this user would be linked too.
  3. Finally, we will validate the data and make sure emails are sending.
  4. We will respond back to the ticket confirming everything has been properly set-up.

Things to know! 

  • If a role is not mapped, no marketing content will go out if it's using that role.  
  • If we get a file where the name of the role changes in the file, both names need to be mapped.  
  • If you have any questions about this process, contact [email protected] and we would be happy to take you through this process.