Glossary of Terms

Intuvo Glossary of Terms – Marketing Unit

Campaign – In Intuvo, a campaign is a series of events that happen for any given lifecycle that the member might be in. A campaign might be the series of events for New Member Onboarding or for a preapproval campaign while the member is out shopping for a new car or home.

Content Library – The place where you can access and organize all your emails, postcards, text messages, tasks, and letters.

Daily Marketing Preview – This is a queue of all the emails and text messages that are currently able to be sent from Intuvo or that have already been sent from Intuvo.

Events – An event is an email, text message, postcard, task or letter that has been set up in a campaign with a predetermined frequency, filter and recipient.

Filter – The conditions and rules that are put in place on an event or a marketing track. Filters are generally built in the Grid Unit and then are assigned to events and marketing tracks to help drive which contacts receive different types of communication.

Frequency – The timing of when an event is released in a campaign. Frequencies can be a timeline, specific date or trigger based.

Marketing Track – The rules of how a contact starts and stops a campaign. Records can be assigned and removed from campaigns using the options available in the Marketing Track. Marketing Tracks are automatically evaluated on a daily or hourly basis to move contacts around to the correct campaign at any given time.

OneTouch – This is the email blasting engine in Intuvo and can be used for sending out a large blast email to a group of contacts that are defined by a filter.

Record – A record or an object in Intuvo are the ways that data is broken down on a member’s contact record. A contact record is broken down into different data tables depending on where data is being imported from. Contact and demographic data are stores in the “Contacts” table. Data regarding the member’s residence address is stored on the “Addresses” table. Other data tables are Accounts, Credit Cards, Cross-sells, Mortgage Loans, Properties, Personal Loans, Trade Lines, Unsecured Loans, Vehicles, and Vehicle Loans.

Specific Date – An event in a campaign that is set to fire on a specific day of the year. These events occur annually and will continue to send every year to all contacts on the campaign as long as they are on the campaign.

Timeline – An event in a campaign that has no additional filtering needs. These are usually used for linear campaigns like prospecting or standard drip campaigns. Timeline events give you the option to fire an email on Months and Days and are always sent to the contact record on the campaign without consideration for any other products or loans they might have.

Trigger – An event in a campaign that is set to fire off any date field in the database. Triggers are also assigned a window of time around which they can be triggered using days before and after.