Navigating Folders and Sharing

  1. Any user given access to 'Dashboard' can see three set of report folders:
    1. Favorites
    2. Shared Reports
    3. Reports by User
  2. Reports the user selects as 'Favorite' are added as a favorite within the user's favorite folder.
    1. Favorite report folders are different for all the users.
  3. Shared reports will be visible to all users.
  4. In the Shared reports folder, there is Base reports folder. Base Reports consist of a standard set of reports. These base reports are not editable by anyone. To edit these reports How to Edit Reports.

More to know -

  • There will be no new option for creating a new report. For creating new report, user must create a copy, rename the report, and remove everything from report.

To share a Report

  • Add a new folder in shared reports section and drag the report into the new folder using the two bars at the far right of the report name.
  • To the right of new folder you created there is ellipsis. Click on the three-dot 'Sharing and Permission' and here you can select any of the Intuvo user roles and can give any permission like view, edit, or manage.
    • Can View - Gives the Role Group ability to only view reports in that folder.
    • Can Edit -  Gives the Role Group ability to view and edit reports in that folder, including saving their own copies of a report.
    • Manage - Gives the Role Group ability to delete, move and manage reports in the folder. 
  • To give permissions to multiple roles you can use add option in sharing and permission window.

Sharing Permissions

  • You can set the permissions of each folder you want to share as per your requirements.
  • To set permissions, navigate to the folder in "Shared Reports" folder.
  • To the right of the folder (which you want to share), you will find three dots. Click on it and select "Sharing & Permissions".
  • A dialog box will appear:                          

  • Select the desired role and mention their access level from the "Can View" dropdown.


  • You can choose from the three options: "Can view", "Can edit", and "Manage" which will give them read, read & write, and read, write &share permissions, respectively.
  • To give permissions to multiple roles you can use "Add" option in the sharing &permission window.
  • Then finally click on "Save".