How to Edit Reports

  1. Inside your Intuvo account. Go to the "Dashboard" tab in the navbar.
  2. Click on Shared Reports and then Base Reports. Select the report you wish to edit. 
  3. If you can edit the report you should see two options in the  top right two: "Save As" and "Favorite".
  4. Click on Save As. This will save a copy of the report to your Reports folder.  (ie: John Snow's Reports.) Close the report you have open. 
  5. Now navigate to "Your Username Reports" folder" and open the copy of the report.
  6. On the navigation pane at the top, you can see edit option. Click it.

Copy of the Report

You are now working with a copy of the base report. You can edit it without affecting other reports. With the report open you should now see an 'Edit' button in the upper right.

After selecting Edit -

  1. You can edit visuals using Visualization Pane. This is how you would change the Chart type and options. 
  2. Clicking on the report on the left will also option that specific reports options within these tool panes.
  3. You can rename the report:
    1. You can see the rename icon.
    2. Click on it and rename the report.

Fields and Format Options

The three icons noted above will also provide additional options. 

  1. By default you should be selected on the fields tool - the first tool above.
    1. this tool will provide you options in which fields to use in your report visual.
  2. Using the paint roller icon you can format font, style, color, background, position using the format Pane.