Welcome to Reporting


Intuvo utilizes Microsoft's Power BI (Business Intelligence) reporting. This provides a multi-perspective view into Intuvo's dataset with visuals that represent different findings and insights. 

A 'report' can have a single visual or page full of visuals. The visuals are not static; They update as the underlying data changes. You can interact with the visuals and filters as you dig into the data to discover insights.

Getting Started

Login to your Intuvo account. If you're an administrator, you should already have access to an option at the top of the screen noted as 'Dashboard'. This will take you into the report library.

If you do not have 'Dashboard' as an option - your account may still be propagating. Reach out to [email protected] for further instructions. 

Inside the Library

You will see a panel of options on the right. 

  • Favorites - If you select the star icon on a report, it will be tagged as your favorite and a list of those reports will be show here.
  • Shared Reports & Base Reports - this will be the central place to store reports and access base reports. Base Reports are the stock reports we provide to all Intuvo customers that will give you a starting point of looking at your Intuvo data. These reports can be copied by selecting Save As and you can edit your own copy of the report.
  • User's Reports - Any report that you select 'save as' on will be placed as a copy into this folder. These reports are viewable only by you until you move them into the shared reports folder or subfolders.