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How do I reassign contacts

Updated Apr 09, 2019

Steps to reassign contacts:

1.  Go to the grid > Category 'All Client' > Filter 'Everyone'

2.  Then click edit. 

(Clear anything and start fresh if there is something populated in the filter) 

3. Click '+add filter item'> If 'Market From' is 'in' _________     (put the name of person you are reassigning their contacts)  

4. Click 'save' > Exit filter

4.  Now all their contacts will show up in the grid.  You will click the check mark in that is highlighted to select all contacts.  If it's just specific contacts you can individually check their check marks. 

5.  Once you have the desired contacts selected > click 'Mass Update' 

6.  You will select Field Category 'Addresses' > Field 'Market From'> Values is where you select who you are reassigning the contacts too > Click 'Update' to save

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