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Grid Tool - Rolling Date

Updated Jul 27, 2018

Understanding Rolling Date

Fun and a Tricky tool to use the rolling date option. Here are a couple tips to help you better understand how to use it. 

  • Start Day: This is usually a negative number, this is how many days from today should we start looking. For example, if you want to look back a rolling 6 months, you'd enter start date '-182', days from today.
    • If you need to look forward in time, then you'd use a positive number. This works best for expiration dates.
  • Range: this is then how wide of a window to look at. Entering a 0 would give you everything from 182 days ago only and every day would have a different result based on results for that 1 specific day.  
    • Entering another 182 in the range would give you 182 days ago, to today, a full 6-month window.

  • Here is one more example: If you want to calculate birth date ranges to get contacts that are between the ages of 18 - 21 each day. Your start date is -7670, that is how many days from today someone would have to have a birthday to be 18. Then the range is 1095 which is how many days between the years spanned. 3 years = 1095 days.

When in doubt play with it and check your results to see if you're getting what you need. As always reach out to if you need assistance.

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